About START Performance

Start Performance is a leading provider of support services for independent telcos and other B2B, financial, and medical clients around the nation. Start combines a unique knowledge of these industries with timely sales and service skills to deliver effective training that produces measurable results.

Start offers an extensive line-up of tried-and-proven training programs to improve sales and customer service performance, as well as programs for organizational development and management skill improvement.

Customer Care Training

Our get-it-done attitude and willingness-to-serve work ethic are not just claims; they define the culture of our company. Classroom lectures, hands-on exercises, role-playing, secret shopping field trips, and video feedback are just a few of the tactics Start Performance utilizes to improve customer service skills.

Sales Training

We introduce the concept of Selling by Serving. We stress that we’re not trying to make used car salesmen out of anybody. Rather, we emphasize that the role of today’s representatives is to serve the community by matching your customers’ needs and wants to your products and services.

Management Training

We believe that no trainer or management team can be effective unless the representatives come to believe, trust, and respect them. We offer programs for Motivation, Organizational Development, Coaching, Team Building, and more. These sessions are designed to help the management team develop trusting relationships with its representatives to help improve performance.

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